Premium Bathroom (Internal) Silicone Sealant


Premium interior sealant, especially suited to bathrooms and kitchens in a huge range 75 colours. Fast curing, this product has many uses including showers, kitchens , expansion and construction joints, interior and exterior. Not a non-staining sealant.

OTTOSEAL® S 100 has been awarded the EMICODE-seal in the highest class possible

Technical Data

• Silicone sealant containing fungicide
• 75 colours from stock
• Use primer for added adhesion
• For expansion & connecting joints in bathroom areas etc.
• Interior & *exterior application (*testing for adhesion highly recommended)
• One of our most popular selling sealants

Available Colours

C00 transparent
C01 White
C116 snow-white
C51 oldwhite
C45 chinchilla
C71 joint-grey
C70 grey-white
C787 flash-grey
C230 nebel
C94 silbergrau
C910 silbergrau
C77 slk-grey
C961 morgengrau
C86 blassgrau
C81 distelgrau
C43 manhattan
C501 hellgrau
C79 steingrau
C18 sanitary-grey
C72 flanellgrau
C52 platingrau
C62 achatgrau
C706 zementgrau
C56 betongrau
C1105 blasalt
C1172 titangrau
C1170 altgrau
C02 grau
C1168 hellgraphit
C67 anthrazit
C808 asphaltgrau
C04 black
C92 whisperblau
C24 crocus
C91 ägäis
C40 mint
C695 ägäisblau
C753 crocusblau
C25 bermuda
C42 sorrentoblau
C1107 vanille beige
C08 jasmin
C69 fugen white
C84 pergamon
C38 lichtgrau
C1106 strand beige
C55 natura
C1169 melba
C22 anemone
C103 sahara
C10 bahama beige
C82 rot beige
C09 caramel
C60 umbra
C19 curry
C15 mittel brown
C1167 tabak brown
C05 brown
C21 bali
C75 cottofuge
C1010 graurot
C74 pastell beige
C26 sunset
C1104 mandel brown
C23 magnolia
C59 rubinrot
C35 feuerrot
C511 gold effect
C510 silver effect
C14 aluminium