The premium Silicone (Ottoseal S70) for natural stone joint sealing


OttosealĀ® S70 is a highly notch-resistant special sealant, which is “guaranteed” not to cause staining around the edges of the joint on marble, granite, sandstone and all other forms of natural stone. It is also perfect for applications in constantly wet areas and even under water, making it perfect for swimming pools.

Technical Data

  • Sealing and jointing on marble and all natural stone, for example sandstone, quartzite, granite, interior and exterior areas.
  • Especially suitable for flooring applications
  • Movement-compensating bonding of natural stone on metal, e.g. stairs on a metal construction
  • Special sealant for underwater seals and joints in swimming pools, containers etc.

Available Colours

C00 transparent* C01 white* C38 light-grey* C1108 autumn-grey*
C56 concrete grey* C1109 night-grey* C137 anthracite grey* C67 anthracite*
C26 sunset* C05 brown C04 black C197 stainless steel*
C111 thistle-grey structure* C110 joint-grey structure* C109 fair-grey structure* C32 sand-red structure*
otto otto otto otto
C80 pearl-grey* C45 chinchilla* C43 manhattan* C18 sanitary-grey*
otto otto otto otto
C08 jasmin* C1110s and stone-beige* C82 red-beige* C10 bahama-beige*
otto otto otto otto
C37 dark green* C71 joint grey C1300 matt-anthracite* C1282 matt-manhattan*
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C41 grey-red structure* C34 silver-green structure* C47 grey-blue structure* C44 fair blue structure*