For more than 40 years Soudal has offered products for professional sealant applicationtion use


1966 saw Mr Swerts buy a small company based at the Ossenmarkt in Antwerp that specialised in welding materials and production of polyester putties for car body repairs. After two years the company moved to Turnhout at the former market of Mr Swerts’ parents. Mr Swerts invested in a sophisticated vacuum mixer for the production of polyester putties and silicone sealants.

The elaborate product range and the support of its impressive geographical presence are only possible thanks to continuous investment in research and development of new and improved products. As a part of this, construction of the new R&D building started in 2009 to be finalised and officially opened early 2011. The new 5-story high project with a floor area of over 3000 m² represents an investment of some € 10 million. Next to its headquarters, 30 highly trained employees are working in the research centre every day to develop tomorrow’s products.

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