Clean Rooms


Our experience in clean room sealants over the years promotes North West Sealants as the most trusted and reliable company in the U.K

North West Sealants specialise in the field of pharmaceutical sealant application for clean rooms and have extensive knowledge of the process and best sealants to use. For clean suite silicone installation, North West Sealants do not use a general purpose silicone, as this type of sealant will start to degrade after only 4 weeks of pharmaceutical cleansing resulting in the contamination of sterile products and medicines. We have conducted our own independent tests with the help of our clients to find out which sealants perform the best under these harsh conditions.

Clean room sealants featured on this page are from completed projects by North West Sealants


Some of our sealant applications have been completed  for London Imperial and College Hospitals and Astra Zeneca sites nationwide

Professional installations of clean room sealants for the pharmaceutical industry where enduring sealants are required to stand up to the rigorous of cleansing and sterilisation of clean rooms. North West Sealants only use trusted microbiological or approved sealants that have been tested in for the harsh cleansing environments of clean suites. These tests would not have been possible without the help and cooperation of our clients.


We are recommended sealant mastic applicators for hospitals and clean suites where critical finalising of sealant can be carried out using high-density polyethene foam and I.P.A. solution – This ensures that maximum smoothness of sealants are achieved and also inhibits bacterial growth unlike the conventional soft wood spatula smoothing method

We also operate a sealant maintenance repair and replacement service for the pharmaceutical industry that helps to ensure the correct air pressure levels for HVAC systems are attained at all times. This service helps to keep particle and dust levels down to a minimum which is essential for sterile environments.


For expert advice and more information on any of the sealants and silicones, we can install or to enquire about a quotation for your project please get in touch with us.